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  • Borja Vazquez

    Borja Vazquez

    Analytics Engineer at Monzo

  • Taylor Brownlow

    Taylor Brownlow

    Head of Data @ Count (https://count.co)

  • Nam Nguyen

    Nam Nguyen

    Engineer by day, writer by night. Write a draft like no one is watching. Edit the draft as if the whole world is going to read it.

  • ZD


  • P r a v e s h

    P r a v e s h

    Interested in learning & sharing about People, Process, Technology ….…and Life. To support me join Medium : https://praveshbhargav.medium.com/membership

  • Pavan Belagatti

    Pavan Belagatti

    Global DevOps Influencer! Currently working at JFrog 🐸

  • Stephan Claus

    Stephan Claus

    Doing Things with Data

  • Marius Bongarts

    Marius Bongarts

    700+ Followers 🙏 Software Engineering Analyst @ Accenture 🚀Creator of web-highlights.com 📚 Typescript, React, Angular, Vue.js, Web Components 👨‍💻

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