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  • Xavier de Boisredon

    Xavier de Boisredon

    COO, Castor (https://castordoc.com) โ€” Bring trust and visibility to your data

  • Nicklas Ankarstad

    Nicklas Ankarstad

    FinTech leader writing about building/scaling analytics, machine learning and data science.

  • Hana Le

    Hana Le

    Iโ€™m an amateur in painting + other crafts, and an analytics engineer @JoonSolutions https://joonsolutions.com

  • Shubbankar Singh

    Shubbankar Singh

    Connecting things to create new scalable value for others | Write about telecom, SaaS, startups, innovation, tech, and mental health | https://linktr.ee/shubbzz

  • Antonello Zanini

    Antonello Zanini

    Technology Bishop ๐Ÿ™ | Software Engineer ๐Ÿ’ป | Technical Writer โœ’๏ธ | Hire me: โ€Žโ€โ€https://antonellozanini.com/

  • Scott H. Young

    Scott H. Young

    Author of WSJ best selling book: Ultralearning www.scotthyoung.com | Twitter: @scotthyoung

  • Thinh Ha

    Thinh Ha

    Strategic Cloud Engineer at Google Cloud Professional Services

  • Roger Martin

    Roger Martin

    Professor Roger Martin is a writer, strategy advisor and in 2017 was named the #1 management thinker in world. He is also former Dean of the Rotman School.

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